Frequently Asked Questions

Are you from murrica? And if, where?
– Yes! I am from California in Western US. Im not going to go further than that because I dont like random people showing up at my doorstep. :)

What are your Computer Specifications/Parts?
– All my computer specifications are listed in this handy little pastebin link!

What do you use to record your screen/what is your game recorder?
– I use a really nifty program called, “Mirillis Action!” to record all of my gameplay! I totally back it up 100%, it is a wonderful piece of software and is the best of what I have tried. Here is a video I made of it:

What Microphone do you use to record your videos?
– I use the Blue Snowball Microphone. I bought it on Amazon for about $70. It is probably a lot less costly now.

I have a blue snowball mic, why does my audio not sound as good as yours does?
– I do a lot of effects to make my mic sound better using Adobe Audition’s realtime audio editing. Here is a link to a tutorial I made on it:

What camera do you use when you shoot IRL videos?
– Currently, I use a Cannon EOS M Camera Body with a Prime 22mm F/2.0 aperature kit lens to film IRL videos.

What are all those spots on your face? I’ve never seen those before!
– Those are freckles dear sir. Yes, there are lots of them. Kudos to you if you can count them all! (I cant believe the amount of people who have never seen freckles before lol)

How come you never look straight at the camera/do you have a lazy eye?
– I was born with eye monocularity. Basically, I can only use one of my eyes at a time, the other eye does whatever the heck it wants to do! This most often results in a “lazy eye” effect. The one cool side is I can do some cool party tricks, and I can choose which eye I desire to see out of at any given time! Downsides? Well, I dont really have any depth perception… yeah baseball would not be a strong sport for me…

Can you record a video with me?
– Unfortunately, if you have to ask me through the YouTube comments, the answer is most likely no. I don’t really record with people I don’t know personally. Not that I don’t like you, its just my policy! <3

How did you learn to do all those cool things with After Effects and other Programs? Did you take a class to learn all that?
– No, everything that I know about computers is all self taught using the internet etc. I have never attended a single Computer class in my life (unless you consider YouTube a school). You can learn the same things I know through just watching a bunch of online tutorials, giving your passion lots of practice (and time, LOTS of time). I could never learn even 0.0001% of what I know today in a single day, I have been using computers heavily for over 8 years now, with time and experience comes know-how and power! Keep at it!