[RELEASE] TGODPack – Theguyordie’s Texture Pack Remix/Mix Pack

Important Information:
This texture/resource pack is not claimed, nor owned by any party associated with Theguyordie Productions ™. The textures and images contained within the resource/texture pack found on this page have no monetary affiliation with Theguyordie Productions ™ and this party has not been endorsed by any other third party company to provide the distribution of these files. This is simply a distribution/recompilation of images into a “mixpack”, no profit or monetary gain will or has been made off of this page or any recursive pages lead to from this post. If you have any issues with this post, contact me privately.

2014-08-23_15.20.02 2014-08-21_21.06.05 2014-08-07_19.00.53

Resource Pack Downloads:
BETA 1.00 (MC-1.7) – Click to Download
FINAL 1.10 (MC-1.7) – Click to Download
FINAL 1.20 (MC-1.8+) – Click to Download